Problems With Getting An Online Job

Google is one of the biggest problems with getting legal jobs online. This is what I mean by this shocking statement. I just searched “Work online” on Google, and the result: the blog provides information about homework opportunities. Two locations; Indeed.com and CareerBuilder.com, as well as some corporate websites that offer legal online jobs (but low-paying jobs).

I am looking for a way to work and make money online; this is not an opportunity to work at home or in a home business. It is not that there is a problem with the legitimate job opportunities (working in thailand) of a family or a legitimate family business. I want to exchange the guaranteed time to create the income I can trust every week.

When I clicked on the link Indeed.com, I saw a task list of “Research Quality Host – Input Level”, a “Representative, Service Client” task list and a list of “Online Sales Representatives” in the list of ads. (3 main announcements). I saw a list of “we need the online help for the ad processor” to work below the ad recruitment information. The rest of what I see is not a list related to online work.

Kaiye Bida proposes that there seems to be more relevant employment opportunities for real online assignments, but I have carefully read the title and directory information to determine if there is work working online or containing the word “online”, such as “Senior Manager , online marketing” and “advertising sales representatives (online media).” These job opportunities are actually not online jobs, but work that requires activities in the online field. Both lists require employees to go to the office, work all day, and then leave the office. I am not looking for any opportunities online.

Homework opportunities mentioned in the study results include envelope filling and product assembly. The possibilities offered by search results include through eBay online resellers, which is actually a home business for work, not online, an affiliate blog, which is actually a home based business rather than online work, beauty The seller, which is actually a home based business, does not work online.

Most of the legal lists I find in the result set include low-paying types of online hiring and customer service. Nothing can be trusted to maintain my standard of living.

According to my experience, Google search has many unrelated results. When you apply for a legal and lucrative online job, you can spend time eliminating illegal and low-paying jobs.


Another important issue is the number of existing frauds. These scams not only waste time, but also cost you a lot of money. Many of them require information from their bank or credit card and deduct funds. Some scams can completely empty your bank account.

Fill in the employer database

Another important issue is the number of employers who rely on job postings to manage their resource groups or online employee databases. Many companies publish online job listings to fill out their “procurement” databases. The reason is that if the company decides to increase the number of online jobs, the employer must demonstrate that it has the ability to provide sufficient staff to the parties.

Many employers are considering moving from traditional work to online work to reduce management costs. A comprehensive database of potential candidates provides employers with a sense of security that allows you to decide to replace traditional work with online work.

Most of the requests you send involve a “homeowner” online position, which may be filled in the future or may never be filled in the future.


Another important issue is the number of candidates applying for online work. According to an article in the Huffington Post, three unemployed people compete for each of the traditional vacancies. The article does not mention online work or related indices, but can assume that the index is much higher. This assumption is because more and more people are looking for ways to make money like never before. Either supplement your income or replace your income.

Job types

Jobs (working in thailand) offers many benefits, such as fuel savings, time savings, flexible working hours, and better control of your life. Millions of people are looking for ways to get these benefits. Therefore, it can be said that the competition for online work is very intense.

Skill combination

Another important issue is the type of skills required to qualify for online work. Elance-oDesk (formerly Elance) is a company that creates independent work for employees. The company has more than 8 million independent employees from more than 180 countries. A report was released earlier this year, some of which are mainly found as follows:

The best skills based on demand

To analyze more than 650,000 works published on Elance this year, they include:

  • Software development skills such as HTML5 (+ 238%), mobile (+ 137%), WordPress (+ 100%), Facebook (+ 66%) and Twitter (+ 47%).
  • Creative techniques such as graphic design (+ 176%) and content writing (+ 72%)
  • Marketing skills such as internet marketing (+ 132%), marketing communications (+ 53%) and telemarketing (52%)
  • Administrative skills, including transcription (+ 114%), administrative support (+ 87%) and data entry (+ 69%)
  • Consulting skills, including product manufacturing (+ 186%),
  • Architectural design of business strategy (+ 185%), financial analysis (+ 140%) and legal (+ 86%) (+ 76%)

Many of the online jobs listed on the Elance-oDesk website and similar sites require specific skills. People who lack technical, creative, consulting or administrative experience do not have the skills they need and are at a disadvantage.


If you have the right approach, you can avoid wasting time, effort and money by looking for legal online work. If you don’t work online, you get the skills you need to work online, but you need to know the skills you need and how to get them. If you really want to get a rewarding online job to avoid fraud, use a proven strategy.